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Important: Do not read if you’re going to be a jerk about it and use it against us! That will not be tolerated! /vsrs

Other members of Systeroamia can also add on to the lists if they wish.

// General TW //


  • Any creepy smiles or characters with creepy smiles, such as the Lemon Demon and creepypastas
  • Any words related to c/v/d (o, i)
  • Bl//d (oo)
  • Sharp objects
  • D//th (ea)
  • School trauma, unfair teachers, especially anything about PE
  • Angry yelling or being yelled at
  • S//c/de (ui, i) or sh
  • Gatekeeping, invalidation, bullying, especially from those who are LGBTQIA+ themselves
  • Ableism
  • Fatophobia, body shaming
  • Reverse music
  • Being called rude or disrespectful when I (Danni) or anyone else genuinely wasn’t trying to be. Seriously, it’s bad
  • “Cringe culture”


  • Being asked suggestive/sexual questions (especially if I don’t know you that well)
  • Pro/anti-communist or pro/anti-capitalist posts. It can become a trigger if proposed multiple times.
  • Horror movies. It can become a trigger if proposed multiple times.
  • Being told to “calm down”, “relax”, or “chill”. I don’t know about you, but telling me such won’t make me calm down, even if you had good intentions.
  • Mentions of TrevorSpace. We used to be on there, but we left due to the amount of drama, exclusionism, and ignorance towards others’ triggers (ex: getting angry at someone because of respecting someone else’s trigger as autism). It can become a trigger if proposed many times or if being asked to join.
  • The words “cringe/cringey”, especially when it’s describing someone else or what someone is doing. We just don’t like it