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ThatsJustKai ThatsJustKai 28 September 2021

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ThatsJustKai ThatsJustKai 11 June 2021


So I just told my parents about how my sister gets away with too much like hitting me with the baseball bat and then threatening the stab me with a knife on multiplications and they just said they won't do anything about it and so I started crying and then it ago about that I just wanna die kind of

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ThatsJustKai ThatsJustKai 9 June 2021

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ThatsJustKai ThatsJustKai 21 May 2021

typing quirk refs

HuntressXD - types like this : the quick brow= fox jumps over the laz% dog. she!s cool though.
Shipaxe - types with a 3 in places where an e would go, like this : th3 quick brown fox jumps ov3r th3 lazy dog. Icantchooseanamepleasehelp - spacey in specific-types with a z in place of an s; like this: the quick brown fox jumpz over the lazy dog.

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ThatsJustKai ThatsJustKai 3 May 2021

yuh story time

TW: abuse, suicide, knives, death, parents, family

CW: cursing

Prologue - That fateful night

It was a brisk autumn night, when Alena was walking down the street. This was usual for her, as she didn't have many friends anymore, not after her best friend committed suicide. She'd had feelings for her friend, and confessed, then her friend committed suicide, at least that's what it looked like. If it wasn't suicide, was it a murder? Who could've killed her best friend, was the burning question in Alena's mind.

"Hey mom... I'm home..”

"Hell, what took you so damn long to get home again? You know your dad's gonna beat you if he finds out about this!" Alena's mom is more dominant in her life than her dad, but her dad is more intimidating than anyone …

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