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Zhaorin Zhaorin 23 September

Everything You Need to Know About Typology

Typology is a system of grouping individuals together based on certain traits. These are not physical traits, but rather cognitive and/or behavioural traits making up a single personality. For example, saying that everyone who is outspoken, determined, and witty is a certain personality type.

While typology is fun, it's important to understand that, currently, it has no scientific basis. With this in mind, typology should not be used in an authoritative way, and it should not be treated as if it's the be-all and end-all. Typology has the potential to be harmful, as it can create "qualitative" dichotomies, treating one group as superior. In other words, if certain personality types are treated like they have better traits than others. Dichot…

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Zhaorin Zhaorin 26 August

Why I Don't Use BIPOC

  • 1 It fails to differentiate other racial/ethnic minority groups.
  • 2 It generalises oppression, disregarding circumstance.
  • 3 It generalises the experiences of Black and Indigenous people.
  • 4 It ignores the history of the term POC.
  • 5 It leaves room for an “us vs them” mentality.
  • 6 It downplays Asian struggles during a time of need.
  • 7 So when is the proper time to use BIPOC?
  • 8 When shouldn't someone use BIPOC?
  • 9 Examples

The term BIPOC separates Black and Indigenous peoples from other marginalised races/ethnicities, and for an understandable reason. Right now, in North America, these two groups are facing enormous obstacles that others are not. Making that distinction is reasonable; however, the issue arises when that same distinction is not made for other POC. …

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Zhaorin Zhaorin 19 August

Tone Indicators I Use

These are all of the tone indicators that I personally use, and what they mean when I am using them:

  • /gen - genuine: not sarcastic, passive aggressive, rude, etc.
  • /nm - not mad: not angry or upset at whoever I'm speaking to.
  • /nay - not at you: my message isn't directed at you, probably directed at someone you mentioned, or I'm just speaking to myself.
  • /npa - not passive aggressive: this already falls under /gen, but I'll use it if I'm extra worried I might come across passive aggressive.
  • /ot - off topic: doesn't have anything to do with what you said or is related in a very minor way (eg. something I was reminded of).
  • /pos - positive: indicates that there's a positive connotation, or that my message is meant to convey a positive emotion.
  • /neg - negativ…
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