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The wolffian flag.

The wolffian symbol.

Wolffian is an alternative to the term "biological male" and refers to the phenotypic sex traits of an individual who has testes and was exposed primarily to testosterone in the womb.

Wolffian traits include:

  • A penis (PWHP) and testes.
  • The capacity for spermatogenesis unless if sterile.
  • Has testosterone as one's natural primary sex hormone.

Wolffian is not synonymous with AMAB, as some AMAB individuals are intersex, and do not have all of the traits listed. Wolffian can be described as "dyadic male".

The counterpart is müllerian.


This term should be used in a medical manner, in the same way one would use the term "biological male." It is best not to use this term in a non-medical way unless it is for self identification. For example, one should not call a transgender woman "wolffian"; instead, one should call them "AMAB" (or "AXAB/UAB", depending on their history with sex and assigned gender.)

One should not point out an individual as wolffian unless the individual has agreed to have the term used on them. The same goes for the phrase "biological male." Only in medical situations should it matter what someone's birth sex was; otherwise, it is completely up to the individual whether or not they wish to share or use this term.


The term was originally suggested by a transgender woman in the early 2010s and popularized by tumblr users mogai-ringo and arco-pluris[1] in 2018. It's orginal definition referred to someone whose fetal development favored the Müllerian ducts, which leads to the creation of the vagina.[2]

Flag and symbol

The flag was created by Tumblr user mourningmogaicrew on August 31st, 2021. The symbol was created on the same day and was based off the man/male symbol.[3]